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BOP Accumulator Units

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BOP Accumulator Units

Operational efficiency, reliability and safety are imperative when it comes to drilling and fracking well control. That's why choosing the right BOP Control System and testing equipment from the most experienced, versatile supplier is important.

BOP Accumulator Units
BOP Accumulator Unit
An accumulator is a vessel that stores hydraulic pressure required to close the blowout preventer (B.O.P.) if a blowout occurs. The amount of pressure required varies depending on the type of B.O.P.

BOP Accumulator Units

A BOP accumulator unit (also known as a BOP closing unit) is one of the most critical components of blow out preventers. Accumulators are placed in hydraulic systems for the purpose of storing energy to be released and transferred throughout the system when it is needed to accomplish specific operations. BOP accumulator units also provide hydraulic support when pressure fluctuations occur. These fluctuations happen often in positive displacement pumps due to their operational functions of trapping and displacing fluid.

MEYER's BOP closing units are designed with service and reliability in mind, with bottles and bladders being easily accessible and serviceable. MEYER's modular design allows for future expansion and addition of bottles, so if your BOP closing unit specs change we can help you adapt. 

Each one of our BOP closing units is designed with absolute accuracy, providing safe and dependable command of the BOP stack for sustained operation, protecting you and your team from danger should a blowout occur. Our expert staff is ready to work with you to design and engineer the perfect BOP accumulator unit for your blowout prevention needs. At MEYER, we take the time to work with you to size the unit to API-16D guidelines and build the unit to your unique requirements.

MEYER also offers BOP Accumulator Rentals which are available at all major US shale plays and internationally in the Neuquen Basin. Learn more about our short-term, long-term, and leasing options by contacting us today! 

MEYER BOP closing units are manufactured with:

  • 2" seamless manifolds with NO joints, threads or welds to prevent leaks. This allows for easy replacement and provides more support
  • Steel battery boxes to provide protection from the elements and direct impact
  • Belt drive pump (not chain or gearbox)
  • Lifting frame guards the unit from damage and allows for crane lifting 
  • Heavy duty 8" channel skid with forklift pockets for safe and easy lifting
  • Gauge panels provide protection and allows for clear labeling
  • Visible labeling showing operating positions, as well as, operational and safety notes
  • 1" piping with crows foot connections minimize air intake restrictions 
  • High-Low Bypass

MEYER BOP closing units may offer many options including:

  • Electric motor power: explosion proof or industrial
  • Diesel powered pumps: auto start or manual start is available
  • Air motor powered pump: single pump and multiple pump configurations
  • Remote panels with all American made stainless steel tubing: air, electric button, PLC touch screen 
  • Nitrogen back-up system
  • API-16D Monogramming available
BOP closing unit

Same Day BOP Closing Unit Service

We typically offer same day repair or service for your BOP closing unit. With a full inventory of replacement parts, we are prepared for immediate response. Call us to schedule periodic maintenance.

MEYER BOP closing units service all aspects of land based oilfield operation as well as offshore operations. 

  • Rental companies
  • Workover rigs
  • All drilling rigs
  • MEYER can build accumulator units in any size with your preferred options.
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